About Local 26

Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 26 was organized in 1912 and can trace its roots back to the early days of the modern industrial era. For over 95 years our Union has endured through good times and bad in peacetime and at war through economic depression and prosperity, and through it all, we not only have survived, we have flourished.

We proudly recognize all those who have played an important roll in our growth, and look to our ranks to continue this great tradition of organized labor, to work together to better the lives of all of our members to ensure that future generations of members provide the dedication of excellence that has brought our Trade to its position of excellence in the Building & Construction Trades Council of New York.

Heat and Frost Insulators & Allied Workers currently install many different types of insulation materials for the thermal protection of hot and cold mechanical systems. Insulating is performed in virtually every type of residential and commercial building in the country, as well as industrial plants, chemical facilities, nuclear as well as fossil fuel power plants, military facilities, schools, universities, strip malls and underground piping systems. Our members are trained in every aspect of the insulation application and are constantly upgrading their techniques and certifications to stay abreast of the ever changing market place in which we work. In addition to insulation work the local 26 members also are certified in asbestos abatement, lead abatement, fire protection penetration work as well as sound-proofing and all other installations of protective coatings on mechanical systems.

Our training includes up to date OSHA certifications as well as confined space training to ensure a safe work environment for not only our members, but for our contractors as well as our customers.

Our International was one of the first in the Building Trades to implement a “Professional Code of Conduct” course that all of our members must obtain certification in to guarantee that our contractors as well as the customer gets the highest level of craftsmanship possible when members of Heat and Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 26 are on the job.

We look forward to building New York in the years to come! Along the way we will continue to raise our members to the position in society that they have earned through a strong work ethic and by continuing the traditions of an organization in which they take pride in.