Apprenticeship Requirements

Each apprentice must serve a (5) five year apprenticeship which shall consist of (10,000) ten thousand hours of on the job training, (2,000) two thousand hours per year and also complete (720) seven hundred and twenty hours of classroom training, (144) one hundred forty four hours per year. The classroom/hands on training is provided in our state of the art Training Center that is located in Rochester, NY. at the headquarters of Insulators & Allied Workers Local 26. It should be noted that Insulators & Allied Workers Local 26 Apprentice Training Program is registered with the State of New York Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprentice Training. 

All apprentice members are trained in the following applications:

Fundamental Insulation I                       Construction Safety I 
Applied Insulators Math I                       Vapor Barriers
Labor History                                            Field Experience I  
Fundamental Insulation II                       OSHA 10 – OSHA 30 
Applied Insulators Math II                      Construction Safety II
Field Experience II                                    Advanced Metal Jacketing I
Advanced Metal Jacketing II                 Field Experience III
Removable Insulation and Design        Blueprints, Codes and Specifications
Effective Supervision                              Construction Safety III 
Field Experience IV                                  Computer Labor Management         
 Disaster Response
Smart Mark Safety Training                   Quality Control Craftsman Training
Confined Space Safety Training            Fire Seal and Penetration Certification
Prof. Craftsman Code of Conduct        Training  Comet I & Comet II Training

 All apprentices receive hands on training in all the latest applications with all the newest insulation materials, often even before the materials hit the market.

Brian Urquhart 
Director of Apprentice Training 
(585) 323-1620 Ext. #1 

Applications are received as needed by the local.  We encourage you to visit this page often to see when we will be accepting applications.